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Small Business Benefits - More Than an EAP

September 2, 2022
Betterleave’s integrated services and solutions make providing EAP benefits simple for small businesses.
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Small business drives 46.8% of private workforce employment and continues to gain importance in the American labor market.Traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have been slow to adapt and employers are not equipped to support the bereavement, loss & grief-related needs of their workforce beyond leave. These gaps in care are costly for small businesses: 

  • 1 in 5 employees will experience bereavement, grief and loss
  • 57% experience clinical symptoms of stress, increasing healthcare costs 
  • $4,166 average cost of lost productivity for an employee who makes $50k 

Bereavement benefits are a new category of employee benefits providing the resources and tools that employers need to support their workforce while also providing support for employees and their families before, during, and after bereavement leave. Bereavement benefits are often included in compassionate leave programs, which offer more flexibility and support the full lives of employees. Benefits beyond leave also have a positive impact on workplace culture, employee wellbeing and retention, and the organizational bottom line. 

Betterleave’s integrated services and solutions make bereavement care and managing leave easy for HR while providing employees access to personalized support. Our comprehensive platform offers 1:1 bereavement navigation, behavioral health services, and estate & financial planning, and our partner program helps individuals confidently navigate the complex bereavement landscape with a curated ecosystem of death care experts, providers, and resources. Bereavement benefits go above and beyond leave, providing employees support with: 

  • pre-need & immediate need
  • funeral & memorial coordination
  • writing an obituary
  • claiming & applying for benefits
  • memorializing loved ones
  • probate & estate navigation
  • debts & taxes

As you put more energy into recruiting and retaining talent, find a competitive advantage with a total rewards strategy focused on supporting the full lives of your employees – in and out of the workplace. With personalized assistance, self-serve and group support that cover the full spectrum of bereavement and mental health, Betterleave is designed to help your team balance work and life. See how we can transform your company for the better, together.


  • full service onboarding and implementation process
  • HR admin support, state and regulatory compliance, and leave management
  • continuous personalized care increasing the capacity of your team
  • employees can easily access experts, providers, and resources in one place

Smarter Spending 

  • flexible plan options designed specifically for your workforce needs 
  • comprehensive solution for behavioral health, bereavement care, and financial wellness
  • increase employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction with personalized care
  • save on healthcare costs with proactive interventions 

Employee Assistance 

With personalized bereavement coordination, Betterleave can help with funeral and memorial planning, saving time and money. Licensed therapists are trained in grief and loss, can be booked seamlessly in the platform, and accept insurance in certain states. Betterleave financial services offer estate planning tools and easy access to digital life insurance options.

Employer & HR Solutions 

Lean on our benefits experts and bereavement coordinators to support employees during their time of need. Employees can choose from providers that meet state regulatory requirements and personal preferences. Get fast, easy-to-use reporting on enrollment, workplace wellbeing, and employee ongoing support needs.

Small businesses across industries trust Betterleave to help hourly and salaried employees balance work and life. Get started with a personalized discovery call with one of our benefits experts to see how Betterleave can support your workforce and boost your company’s goals. 

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