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The Great Resignation: How to attract and retain top talent through benefits

March 24, 2022
The past two years have seen rising resignation rates among U.S. workers, termed the “Great Resignation,” as they reevaluate their careers and search for jobs that provide better benefits, flexibility, and support in the wake of COVID-19. Your company should offer comprehensive family care benefits that positively impact employees' and their families' well-being. The Betterleave bereavement care benefits platform is here to help you build a competitive benefits strategy to attract and retain top talent.
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Employees have been walking away from their employers in record numbers in what has been termed the “Great Resignation.” According to the U.S. Labor Department, approximately 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November 2021. COVID-19 has brought on a host of new challenges for businesses and played a large part in employees making the decision to leave their current companies. Though the pandemic was initially marked by mass job losses, now scores of employees are voluntarily quitting their jobs. However, they aren’t leaving the workforce altogether — rather, just leaving their current company — and employee benefits are playing an increasing role in their reasoning for doing so. 

During this time, many have reevaluated their careers, asking themselves if their current positions support their wellbeing. These considerations have led to employees searching for jobs with better benefits, flexibility, and support, and as a result, companies must now adopt a different approach to talent acquisition and retention. Having competitive benefits offerings can be the difference between satisfied, loyal employees and the great resignation. Are your benefits up to snuff? 

The best talent wants to work for companies that support their roles as caregivers. To attract, retain, and engage them, your company should offer comprehensive family care benefits that positively impact employees' and their families' well-being. Employee benefits that promote emotional, physical, and financial wellness are a critical selling point for recruitment, as 69% of employees feel that a comprehensive benefits program increases company loyalty. Family care benefits are proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover while improving organizational health and talent acquisition. Moreover, an American Sociological Review study found that work-family conflict is on the rise among U.S. workers, with seven out of ten reporting that they experience "some interference between work and non-work." These statistics highlight why employees are increasingly willing to quit jobs and turn down positions, and the hurdles that employers must overcome to remain competitive. 

Bereavement care is an essential part of family care benefits, providing support for families in their time of need. Betterleave's bereavement care — a new category of employee benefits — was created to help employers do just that. Our bereavement care benefits platform streamlines death care and enables modern employers to keep employees connected and supported during grief-related life events. We will work side-by-side with you to build a competitive benefits strategy. 

For employers, we can assist with the development and creation of bereavement policies to ensure state compliance, grief-related training, communication templates for ongoing support, and more. For employees, our core platform delivers bereavement care through immediate-need bereavement coordination, pre-need financial and estate planning, and continuous grief and emotional support. 

We bring top consumer death care partners, products, and services together in one place – helping you save time and money while creating a workplace that supports your employees’ overall wellbeing. Are you ready to meet the growing demand for family care benefits?

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