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A bereavement platform designed to help you prepare for and navigate loss at every phase

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Better experience

Our platform is designed to meet you where you’re at – connecting you with resources, tools and experts that align with your personal  journey.

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Improved outcomes

We combine tech-enabled support, grief expertise and community partnerships to measure and delivery high-quality care and outcomes.

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Lower costs

From sourcing experts to end of life planning, our bereavement partners deliver Betterleave members cost-effective services  and care.


Trusted mental health support options, to help you make sense of your new normal

Who we support
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Resources, tools and partner referrals to help you manage your bereavement journey – step-by-step.

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Dedicated support for couples who carry the shared mental load of caretaking, navigating healthcare and bereavement.

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Our experts specialize in navigating the complicated transitions that bereavement creates  within a family dynamic.

How we support
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A compassionate space to process the complex emotions associated with  caregiving, life-changing diagnosis's and grief.

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Personalized coaching to help you define actionable strategies to empower and find meaning throughout major life events.

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Workshops & Groups

Our groups create a safe space for  individuals to express feelings, offer mutual support, and navigate the healing process with the solidarity of peers.


Checklists, resources, tools and recommendations, to help you through the complicated maze of loss logistics

Video and search terms to navigate
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Emotional Support

Get access to our network of grief and loss specialists and book a call right away.

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Navigating Finances

Budget-focused content to help you keep costs low.

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Communicating the Loss

Tools to help you draft the most difficult email you’ll ever send.


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Our team of coaches and counselors specialize in helping members heal through grief and loss

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Susanna Gilbertson
MSW, ICF-Professional Certified Coach
Family Issues
Friend Loss
Maternal Mental Health
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Brooke Wilson
MS, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Stress Management

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