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With personalized assistance, digital checklists and access to licensed professionals, Betterleave is designed to help you get plan and discuss your end of life wishes.
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Financial Planning

If something happens to you, your loved ones don’t just lose you—they also lose your income, on top of everything else you provide. Create an end-of-life plan, also known as an estate plan, that reflects your wishes and preferences for your medical and financial decisions and final arrangements.

Betterleave can help answer questions including;

What are funeral or memorial common expenses?
How do I find the right insurance policy to cover final expenses?
What's the difference between a funeral and celebration of life?
What documents do I need to get my affairs in order?

What documents do you need?

Included for Betterleave members through our partners;

Legal will - Make a plan for your assets and heirs. Designate an executor & beneficiaries
Guardianship - Designate guardians for your children
Living trust - Distribute money over time and allocate funds to specific needs
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Advance Care Planning

An important part of advance care planning involves having conversations with loved ones about what you would want in the event of a life-threatening illness or injury, and then, most importantly, documenting your preferences in writing.

Betterleave counselors can help you prepare for those conversations with family members and caregivers.

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