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What Is Bereavement Care?

April 27, 2022
Defining bereavement care, a term coined by Betterleave, as the formalized care and support for individuals taking bereavement leave to help them navigate the emotional and administrative challenges following the loss of a loved one, its importance as a family care benefit for employees, and Betterleave’s role in pioneering the future of bereavement care technology.
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A new category of employee benefits has emerged. Known as “bereavement care,” this benefit is the formalized care and support for individuals taking bereavement leave to help them navigate the emotional and administrative challenges following the loss of a loved one. Bereavement care is an all-important addition to modern family care benefits, providing much needed support for the families in their time of need. Founded to help companies do more to support employees through significant life events, Betterleave is a bereavement care benefits platform that enables modern employers to connect with and support employees, both in and out of the workplace. 

Our bereavement care platform is the first to offer personalized assistance, self-service, and resource groups that cover the full spectrum of bereavement care across work and life. It’s also the only service with end-of-life planning, leave support, and comprehensive return-to-work programs. We bring top consumer death care partners, products, and services together in one place and utilize three core partner networks: the death care network, life insurance network, and mental health provider network. Our partner program helps employees confidently navigate the complex bereavement landscape with a curated set of companies and providers with consumers in mind. 

We deliver bereavement care through care coordination, centralized benefits, financial resources, and continuous support, providing employees with mental health professionals, care concierge assistance, peer coaching, community discussions, employee resource groups, return-to-work wellness plans, check-ins, and more. We also provide:

  • Best practices for bereavement and compassionate leave 
  • Grief training
  • Care package budgeting
  • Ongoing support for management 
  • Policy development, state compliance, automation, and predictive insights for human resources and leadership

Our areas of care include immediate need, estate management, future planning, and funeral and memorial services and products, but we help individuals every step of the way when it comes to:

  • Finding the right funeral home 
  • Creating a personalized memorial
  • Writing an obituary
  • Drafting your will
  • Appointing executors and beneficiaries
  • Evaluating life insurance
  • Understanding estate settlement, probate, and inheritance processes. 

This comprehensive care across professional, social, and emotional health is transforming the future of bereavement care and creating a streamlined experience across grief and mental health support for employees and employers.

We provide the resources and tools that employers need to support their team while also supporting employees and their families through the entire bereavement journey. Our transparent and accessible platform helps to better plan for and manage bereavement leave, benefits, and other important life events. Meanwhile, our industry experts give employers the tools to increase employee satisfaction and retention through bereavement leave policies, state and regulatory compliance, predicting turnover with wellbeing check-ins, and return-to-work communications and templates. 

We’re pioneering the future of work and bereavement care technology in an effort to make understanding and navigating bereavement care effortless and accessible for everyone. Our mission is to provide both emotional and administrative support for those experiencing loss. We enable modern employers to support employees through grief-related life events and simplify the complex world of bereavement. Our team of engineers, HR leaders, and bereavement care operations experts apply their diverse backgrounds from global technology and health and benefits marketplaces to build products that give individuals the help they need at the moments that matter most. 

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