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Employers are rethinking their approach to holistic health and wellness benefits

February 17, 2022
The value of offering bereavement care as an employer benefit and the role of Betterleave in helping employees navigate the challenging emotional and administrative processes that come with bereavement.
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It takes over 500 hours to settle affairs after losing a loved one, yet according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average bereavement leave offered by employers is only three to five days. With such limited time, employees might find it almost impossible to fully grieve their loss while completing the complex bereavement-related tasks before returning to work. That's where we come in. Betterleave provides task-based care coordination and grief support to help employees navigate the complicated administrative process of bereavement.

According to a GrieveWell study, "25% of your workforce is going through a grief event at any given time." So why haven’t employers taken action to set up benefits and processes to support their employees during the bereavement process? One challenge is the absence of federal laws mandating bereavement leave along with a lack of state requirements, so it falls on employers and HR leaders to create a policy.

The value of offering bereavement care as an employer has a wide range of benefits for all:

Combating the Great Resignation
  • Increase retention- 69% of employees feel that a comprehensive benefits program increases company loyalty.
  • Decrease turnover- In 2019, 22% of employees in the U.S. voluntarily quit their jobs due to a lack of work-life balance and workplace wellbeing.
  • Remain competitive- 60% of job seekers consider family benefits a major factor when choosing a new job.

Creating a culture of support
  • Increase productivity- By offering family care benefits (in addition to physical and financial wellbeing benefits), you’ll save time and money in grief-related productivity loss and double discretionary effort.
  • Ensure satisfaction- Nearly half of employees have expressed a desire for bereavement assistance and care benefits from their employers.
  • Unlock workplace wellbeing insights- Betterleave’s workplace wellness tools continually evaluate employee satisfaction to prevent burnout and increase retention.

What’s good for employees is also good for business

Is it time to rethink your bereavement policy and benefits? With tools and best practices to assist with bereavement administration, we’ll help you build the right bereavement care benefit package personalized for your business. Already have an existing EAP or mental health partner? We integrate seamlessly with your existing mental health & benefit providers or recommend one of our premium partners.

The Betterleave bereavement care platform brings dozens of end of life and death care partners to products and services together in one place–saving employees time and money. Request a demo to see how bereavement care through Betterleave can transform your company and contribute to the long-term success and effectiveness of your organization.

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