The trusted digital platform for continuous bereavement care

Betterleave partners with palliative and hospice care to provide families with specialized grief & loss support.

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Simplify the complex world of bereavement.

Betterleave helps your members navigate a complex death care system.

Betterleave Care team

Lean on our team of  bereavement coordinators to support you & your members during their time of need.

Grief & loss

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one. Connect with a licensed Betterleave therapist — from anywhere, at any time virtually or in-person in Austin, TX.

Organizing affairs

We make it easy for employees to pay for bereavement & funeral costs by optimizing existing employer-sponsored financial benefits.

Preferred partners

With dozens of death care service providers, members can choose from providers that meet their end of life wishes & personal preferences.

Trusted by leading hospice care organizations

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Step-by-step guidance

Betterleave's care coordination offers personalized bereavement navigation, including:
  • funeral or memorial arrangements
  • probate and estate navigation
  • claiming benefits and closing accounts

Support for the whole family

Betterleave's team of licensed counselors are available for grief and loss coaching and counseling. Schedule phone, video, or in-person sessions directly in the platform to help with managing and coping with grief.
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